Does Low Fare Air Asia Flights are Safe?

People who are currently considering or planning on booking AirAsia ticket might wonder, does low fare Air Asia flights are safe? It is no surprise that this type of question often arises, which is not limited to AirAsia only, since a lot of people have certain prejudice against budget airlines. Here’s the answer that you are looking for.


Things You Need to Know About Flying Safely with AirAsia

Truth to be said, it is not easy to say if certain airline is safe or not. According to Skytrax, an organization that rates and review airline and airport, there’s no one accurate safety standards reference globally.

That being said, you may take a look at worldwide recognized certification audit. One of the known one is IATA (International Air Transport Association), a Canadian based organization that upholds air travel industry’s policies and standards. IATA is the one that conducts IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit), which inspects and checks airlines’ operations by using a total of eight extensive categories.

The categories include flight operations, cabin operations, security management, cargo operation, ground handling operations, flight dispatch and control operations, management and organization system, and security management. It uses 1,066 parameters for in-depth analysis of ability by the air company in order to ensure safety for people and success for their businesses.

So, does low fare Air Asia flights are safe according to IATA standard? There used to be times where AirAsia X was the only company in the whole group that is able to pass the standards of IOSA. However, currently, all companies within the family of AirAsia regularly maintain their IOSA. This can say a lot about how AirAsia and the subsidiaries raised their safety measurements for all of their passengers, by complying with global standards.

The dedication to ensure and constantly raising the safety is commendable and praiseworthy. It is also one of the reasons why this company is capable to develop as one of the best budget airline companies throughout the region.

Not long ago, AirAsia is generally rated with three stars by AirlineRatings. It has made great advancement rapidly and earned seven stars out of seven now. Currently, the rating of each company under the airline group is as follows:

  • Malaysian AirAsia: 7/7
  • Philippines AirAsia: 7/7
  • Indonesian AirAsia: 6/7
  • Indian AirAsia: 4/7
  • Thai AirAsia: 2/7

The improvement of AirAsia is in line with the development of aviation industry in general. It is safe to say that you probably will never have to worry about surviving flight emergency. That being said, there are some things that you are able to do for self-preparation, which may also increase your flight experience while increasing your odds in the extremely unlikely emergency events.

The passengers’ safety is not only the responsible of the airplane company, nor it the job of the pilot or the flight attendants, you also need to take a part in it. Here are several tips that can be helpful to keep you safe when flying:

  1. Focus your attention on listening the briefing before the flight

You may find the information to be repetitive, but you take different seat on different flight, so you may need to know the fastest way to reach the nearest emergency exists each time you fly. The flight attendants are there with the main reason to help everyone stay safe, so do what they ask, such as to fasten your seat belts. Acts first, and then questions later.


  1. Free the overhead storage from extremely heavy items

Chance is overhead storage doesn’t have capability to hold particularly heavy object when turbulence happened. So, consider to have your article stored somewhere if you have trouble to haul it inside the bin.


  1. Maintain fastened seat belt when being seated

Secured safety belt will give extra protection while you’re seated, in case your plane encounters abrupt turbulence.


  1. Be mindful of the things around you

As soon as you are seated within the plane, note where the nearest exit options are. Then, count the seat distance between you and it. It might sound really extra, but you don’t know how necessary it is to measure your distance with the closest exit door until you have to crawl below smoke or in the dark.


  1. Never bring dangerous and risky items

Each airline has long list of prohibited items to bring when flying due to them being hazardous. However, it is only a common sense to know that you must not bring particularly harmful things such as corrosives, gasoline, or toxic gasses. The only exception is when the carrier allows it and it is being shipped properly inside safe container.


  1. Practice common protective cautionary measures

In times like this, it is especially important to remember that you’re required to wear mask – whether it is prior to, during, or after the flight, which includes during bag collection and while checking-in. AirAsia, especially, incorporate air filters with very high efficiency that’s able to eliminate 99% of viruses and bacteria. However, it is always better to have your own safety measurement, such as maintaining personal hygiene or avoiding anyone who coughs, sneezes, or looks sick. Always use hand sanitizer when you’re being seated and frequently wash your hands.

Common safe is probably the largest part of ensuring your safety when traveling. You may feel like there are no tips above that sound groundbreaking, but it is useful to apply no matter what country you are in. If you think it is necessary, you can also opt for travel insurance. In this age, there are so many travel insurance providers that offer great service at competitive cost.

In conclusion, does low fare Air Asia flights are safe? Short answer is yes, it is safe. It is clear that AirAsia is a company which puts so much investment and effort in making sure they would not repeat past mistakes to be occurred again. As a carrier company, they may have some lacks in the past. However, the lacks have been mended, as it has accomplished and maintained one of the most reliable memberships in the aviation industry, the IATA, and now actively taking a part in building system of global safety management.

Not to mention, AirAsia has recently made it into the best airlines list curated by Forbes as one of the best budget airlines in the world. It sure does wonders for the future and image of the company. Next time you wonder again about does low fare Air Asia flights are safe, just remember that the company has attest their worth by providing high quality amongst low-cost carriers. It sure can hold on its own against some of the airlines with safest reputation in the industry.